im tired of things costing money

The more I see, the less I know for sure.
John Lennon (via kushandwizdom)


i’ve been on tumblr for 2 years now why dont i have a group of friends that tag me in things and have inside jokes with i mean cmon 


Fill your heart with bees. If someone breaks your heart, then they have to deal with the bees.


you might as well wear a condom on your head if you’re gonna act like a dick 

It only costs $0.00 to keep it real
*unbaes you*


she reaches down seductively. I guide her hand to my zipper. she unzips my fanny pack by mistake. raviolis spill out everywhere


i think it’s so neat that everyone develops their own unique handwriting even though we’re all taught to write our letters the same way really it’s so cool